WELCOME. I am the inventor AND EXLUSIVE PATENT HOLDER of THE WORLD'S SMARTEST BEACHBAG, THE WORLD'S SMARTEST LAWN BAG AND THE WORLD'S SMARTEST LAUNDRY BAG. Among other things. Someday, I hope for this blog to be a place for inventors to meet, share and inspire. For now, it's closed for comments.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hey AI... where's my call?

The worlds smartest beach towel. The worlds smartest lawn bag. The worlds smartest laundry bag. Yeah... the name is a little pretentious... but come on, this thing has HUGE retail potential. A lot more than some of things I've heard have made it forward. But hey, I'm not going to reveal any details. But if you're just a little late calling... I pitched in NYC to the lovely blonde with curly hair with the first iniital L.

Not holding my breath... just using a little creative visualization here to get you to reach out.

I turned off all comments so as not to violate any of the contract we signed.

If you don't call... no big deal. Thanks to your show, I'm back focusing on my inventions and may finally have an in with a large retailer. But again... these things take Forever!